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Bigfork Bay and Swan River are pictured as spring blossoms in the charming village
A fisherman on Swan River just off Highway 209 enjoys autumn colors and a leisurely afternoon of fishing.


Hiker Nick Meyer paused to enjoy the splendor of Cedar Lake in the Mission Mountains when he reached the summit of Cedar Peak.
Pastel rock shelves and deep blue skies provide a breathtaking scene on a hiking trail in the Mission Mountain Wilderness.
A canoeist on Swan Lake lingers in the golden hour as the sun sets.
A sunny day ends with a spectacular sunset at Wayfarers State Park on Flathead Lake, just a short distance from downtown Bigfork.
Skiers enjoy un-crowded conditions, great snow and views of Flathead Lake and surrounding mountain ranges at the Blacktail Ski Area.
Grand views and great snow are just two of the features that make skiing at Big Mountain a memorable venture.

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Photo Album

Charles M. "Charlie" Russell, western artist at Kootenai Lodge
Charlie Russell