Take a journey through the 20 original buildings at Kootenai Lodge. Since the purchase by the Milhous Group in 2005 some of the buildings have been moved or integrated into new construction. Take a look at the new construction at www.thekootenai.com.

For detailed information and larger photos of each cabin, click on the cabin photo.


Florman Cabin

Built 1926

1,664 sq. ft.

Keresey Cabin

Built 1920's

2,236 sq. ft.

This signature cabin reflects the Oriental influence used in the design of the rustic log structures at Kootenai Lodge.

Remodeled by Debi Rolfing to make it a comfortable home, this cabin is where she welcomes babies awaiting adoption.

Hepburn Cabin

Built 1914

1,936 sq. ft.

Doubleday Cabin

Built 1985

2,236 sq. ft.

All the comforts and conveniences of home can be found in this cabin including four fireplaces, a Jacuzzi, kitchen and laundry area.

This duplex was built in 1985, duplicating the architecture and craftsmanship of the original cabins.

Kelley's Office

Built 1928

540 sq. ft.

Kelley Bar & Dining Room

Built around 1916

3,091 sq. ft.

This quaint log cabin served as Con Kelley's office, where he ran the Anaconda Copper Company during his summer visits.

Many fine times have been enjoyed in the dining room and bar area that includes a commercially equipped kitchen.

Main Lodge

Built 1921

14,000 sq. ft.

Evans Dining Room

Built 1880

2,680 sq. ft.

This magnificent building was designed by architect Kirtland Cutter, who also designed Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier Park.

This was the first Kootenai Lodge shared by the Evans and Kelley families until they built their own lodges.

Evans Lodge

Built 1916

7,000 sq. ft.

Fish Cabin

Built 1880's

1,129 sq. ft.

This nicely designed lodge is 7,000 sq. ft. including patios and porches and includes five bedrooms and two fireplaces. 

You can literally cast your line from the porch of this riverside cabin, one of the original homestead buildings.

Recreation Center

Built 1880's

10,000 sq. ft.

Employee Cabins

Built 1880's

A full gym with wrap-around windows allow you to enjoy the views while playing basketball or working out.

Lodging for the employees was provided by three small, log homestead cabins and the addition of several other building. 


Six-car Garage

Built 1916

Caretaker's Cabin

Built 1880's

Luxury cars such as Pierce Arrows and Dusenbergs were stored in this garage during the Kelley/Evans era.

One of the original homestead buildings.

Blacksmith Shop

Built 1916


Built around 1915

63 ft. x 86 ft.

Metal work was completed here.

This 31-stall horse barn has a 60-ton hayloft and a unique wood plank floor in the stall areas.

Generator House

Built 1909

Carpenter Shop

Built 1916

This generator plant provided electricity for Kootenai Lodge.

Most of the furniture for the estate was built here.

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